Solar eclipse 2017: Stargazers watch in wonder as eclipse casts shadow across United States

TOTAL Eclipse of the Heart singer Bonnie Tyler was among those who watched the cosmic performance of the century, which plunged the US into darkness.
STARGAZERS have watched in wonder through telescopes, cameras and protective glasses as the moon blotted out the midday sun in the first full-blown solar eclipse to sweep the US from coast to coast in nearly a century.
The total solar eclipse reached Oregon’s coast at 1.16pm Monday local time, marking the beginning of a 112km “path of totality” across America.

NASA’s G-III aircraft picked up the rare celestial phenomenon in Salem, Oregon, showing the black orb of a moon covering the sun to create a glowing halo. The incredible moment plunged the area into darkness.
“The show has just begun, people! What a gorgeous day! Isn’t this great, people?” Jim Todd, a director at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, told a crowd of thousands at an amphitheatre in Salem, Oregon.
Singer Bonnie Tyler, meanwhile, is set to belt out her 1983 hit Total Eclipse of the Heart on board a Royal Caribbean “Total Eclipse Cruise” sailing through the path of totality and the shadow of the moon.
As the skies darken, the travellers will hear Tyler singing the ballad along with American band DNCE.


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