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Welcome to my new blog!!

here you go readers!! ^^
it's my new blog and dunno what to post so I decided to welcome you a bit about me and my life's stuff.

I am a lunatic fan girl of 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction, umm I like Taylor Swift too, oh!! Shawn as well^^
Just like the other teenagers, I like collecting shoes, and most of the are pink, yeah! I am very in love in pink, lol ! anyway I am a student of LP3I Business College Banda Aceh and majoring computerized Accounting, I like being in accounting class, I've got 22 credits for this semester, I at the 4th semester anyway, I've got 10 credits for for accounting class, 2 for tax, entrepreneur, ppe, moa, class, and 4 credits for english class. I enjoy all my class, mm not all :D

In my spare time I usually watch movies, I really love watching movies and I can say that it's become the part of living the life, lol! I dont watch all kind of movies, I only watch western movies, sometimes Thai, besides watching movies is one of my hobby,…