Welcome to my new blog!!

here you go readers!! ^^
it's my new blog and dunno what to post so I decided to welcome you a bit about me and my life's stuff.

this is what my face look like
I am a lunatic fan girl of 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction, umm I like Taylor Swift too, oh!! Shawn as well^^
Just like the other teenagers, I like collecting shoes, and most of the are pink, yeah! I am very in love in pink, lol ! anyway I am a student of LP3I Business College Banda Aceh and majoring computerized Accounting, I like being in accounting class, I've got 22 credits for this semester, I at the 4th semester anyway, I've got 10 credits for for accounting class, 2 for tax, entrepreneur, ppe, moa, class, and 4 credits for english class. I enjoy all my class, mm not all :D

In my spare time I usually watch movies, I really love watching movies and I can say that it's become the part of living the life, lol! I dont watch all kind of movies, I only watch western movies, sometimes Thai, besides watching movies is one of my hobby, I've got some purpose for having that hobby,i,e I learn english from movies, I never take any course for english, I learn it from school and movies, how they pronounce the words, accent, the more you watch american accent movies the more you get the accent, and I speak american accent :D and I am trying to have british accent as well, and I learn one thing from my hobby, if I do something in my favorite way, I'll get it way easier, and way funnier, it's like no burden in studying!

so I advise you need to love what you are doing now, is it studying or working, so you'll be happy while doing it!

thanks for reading! and pls keep up on my Blog and leave a word bellow!!


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