Hello readers! how you doing today? hope you guys are doing fine^^
I am fine anyway, just it's too much of assignments lately, there are much things that I need to catch up, because I skipped all my classes for a week, wait!! I have reason for skipping class, and I earn money from skipping classes :D well, few weeks ago I involved as a participant of PENAS KTNA 2017 and this year organized at Banda Aceh, at Stadio Harapan Bangsa Lhong Raya actually. I was working with one of Malaysia company "Aerodyne Geospatial". I worked with them for the whole week and it was kind of cool, working with an International company and get paid obviously :D

that picture is the last day of the event, we already closed out\r booth, and I'll show you one more pic of mine

and this one before we closed the booth, and I can say that it was a remarkable experience for me, oh ya! I've got one more experience working with Sinagaopore NGO "Relief Singapore", it was when an earthquake happened in Pidie Jaya, my home town, at that moment I was there because I had got holiday after exams, and one day I found one of the leader( Jonathan How ) of the team talking with the local people, then unknowingly I got involved with the conversation, short story he was asking me to be their translator for a week and he said they will be back again with the other crews ( 12 crews ) and I said yes :D

working with company from other countries is kind of cool, then you'll have friends from there and if one day you have plan for going to their country, it's gonna be easy, just ask them to be your free host :D ( if they want to, lol!! ) and perhaps you can stay at their house, and it won't spend much money for hotel room :D

thanks for reading, and don't forget leave a comment bellow!!

Sabang Sail 2017


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